While advancements in technology have led to a greater multitude of leisure possibilities, this increase in technology (we check our cell phones over 200 times a day) has led to the reduction of once-necessary dedicated leisure space. This ultimately reduces the impact local has on leisure as we have become over-saturated with everything global all of the time. This proposal seeks to tweeze out aspects of this technological saturation and re ne it to establish a local system of inherent opportunities, resulting in a new dedicated leisure space of local proportions. A new public space with a literal connective tissue enables users of varying technological abilities to come together and experience the same activity in their own personal way. Those unconnected to the system may recognize the environment as a familiar set of activities and events, while those that are connected may find themselves eating more food than the human body is capable of or listening to what a traditional painting has to say.

w/ Drew Stanley

Fall 2015, Professor Sean Lally