Facade Projections, Bar 25 at Holzmarkt, Berlin

This pavillion’s form is derived from formal memories of Berlin, derived by each student who worked on the project. Like the form, which was extrapolated from various simple diagrams of the city, the animated patterns projected on the fabric enclosure correspond to the experiences of individual students.

The patterns (and ambient noise) can be changed by visitors by rearranging a series of cubes with patterns applied to them. The pattern is read by a webcam connected to a computer running Max MSP, which then changes the pattern being projected. 

UIC Studio Berlin Summer 2013 , Prof. John Manaves, with Chelsea Steiner, Nichole Tortorici, Radu Alexa, Daniel Barrios, Agustin Bernal, Vanessa Hernandez, Christian Kisereu and James Kubiniec. Music by Adam Wills.